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Futsal is fun, fast and is a dynamic form of soccer played worldwide. It is a five-a-side game played on a court bigger than the size of a basketball court. The smaller, heavier ball stays on the ground more, encouraging quick play and improving footwork and first touch. This makes Futsal an ideal training tool for youth and adults and just simply an awesome game on its own. 95% Of youth players say that Futsal is more fun than soccer! 

History of Futsal

The game of Futsal began in Uruguay in the 1930’s as a 5-a-side game for youth players in YMCA competitions. It quickly spread throughout South America, becoming the most popular in Brazil as a fun pick up form of soccer, often played to lively music with a strong focus on ball control and quick passing. Compared to soccer, futsal demands more versatile players and has a much lower injury rate. Futsal is the fastest growing sport in the world.

Development (futsal before soccer)

We believe that before any player plays outdoor soccer/rec/select whatever level that they should first play Futsal. If they do already play soccer that's great, they should also supplement it with Futsal. The sport is probably the best way to develop skills and technique in a fun fast setting, most of the world's best soccer athletes started or played futsal in their youth careers. Futsal is literally the magic dust that will have help give your player the edge in their outdoor soccer career. Players that play Futsal are more likely to play at the highest levels because of their ability to control, manipulate, pass, and protect the ball. 

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